Fees and Delivery

Regular Business Hours of Operation Service:  (Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm) *Pick up and return catering orders location will be in the Ballroom Kitchen, 320 KSC located in the hallway behind the Ballroom across from the dishroom

Orders from Fresh Leaf Catering can be picked up or delivered. Free delivery for on-campus boxed lunch orders that do not require the use of a vehicle, during regular business hours *After hours $20.00 delivery fee will be added 

$10.00 Delivery Fee for Drop Off Orders *The delivery fee does not include set-up. Client is responsible for the set-up/presentation of their order/clean up and returning items back to catering

$25.00 Delivery Fee for Service Orders *The delivery fee includes delivery, set-up, and clean up from catering staff) *For orders over $300.00 delivery fee is waived.

Deliveries outside of business hours during the week and weekends will incur additional fees in the range of $20.00 to $50.00 depending on the order & deliveries that require the use of a van or truck will accrue additional delivery charges of 25%  added to all orders delivered. The minimum charge is $25.00 with a maximum charge of $50.00.

If you choose to pick up an order, you are responsible for returning the cart and other Dining Service equipment (trays, coffee pots, etc.). Equipment sent out is recorded. There will be a charge for any items not returned or returned damaged.

*Additional fees may apply depending upon event type, event time, and venue.